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Mirostone Warm Grey Adhesive

Mirostone Warm Grey Adhesive

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This product requires an advanced level of DIY skills

Mirostone Warm Grey Adhesive

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Competent This product requires an advanced level of DIY skills
Mirostone® is a range of versatile worksurfaces that have all the beauty and feel of natural stone combined with exceptional practicality.

Mirostone’s unique qualities make it the perfect surface for your kitchen, but it is equally at home being soaked in a busy bathroom or creating an air of sophistication in the bedroom.

Replicating the beautiful look and feel of natural stone, touch it and find out! It is cool to the touch and it’s authentic, naturally inspired designs blend elegantly with kitchens of all styles.

Designed for modern living. It’s solid construction means that Mirostone® can easily deal with the stresses and strains of being an intensively used surface in the heart of the home: in the kitchen.

A completely safe surface on which to prepare and eat food, even if the children have taken over the kitchen! It’s easy to clean and waterproof so harmful germs are prevented from being retained on the surface. Also, because Mirostone® has smooth imperceptible seams, there are no unsightly joints in which dangerous bacteria can develop.

Mirostone® is a pure solid surface through and through. It has no chipboard or MDF core, making Mirostone® completely waterproof. Even the hot steam from an opened dishwasher cannot damage Mirostone®! This non-porous quality makes Mirostone® one of the most hygienic surfaces available.

At 630mm wide, the worksurface is wide enough for your cabinet design.

And at 960mm wide you have all the space you need for your island unit and breakfast bar area. Meanwhile, the splashback and upstand sizes will fit all rooms. And one of the amazing features of Mirostone® is that your installer can seamlessly join 2 components together to double the component size!

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