website(1,) How To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors & Drawers: DIY

How To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors & Drawers: DIY

Revamping Your Kitchen on a Budget: A Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Cabinet Door and Drawer Replacement

Your dream kitchen might not be as far out of reach as you think.

One simple do-it-yourself (DIY) project that has a dramatic impact on the look of your kitchen is replacing your old cabinet doors and drawers.

Perhaps the existing doors are looking dated or the old hinges are creaking and jittery. Fear not, with a range of diverse and adjustable replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawers available from Better Kitchens, a cost-effective kitchen makeover is entirely possible.

"Upgrading your kitchen doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Replacing your old cabinet doors with new cabinet doors can drastically change the entire kitchen design without burning a hole in your pocket."

With a wide variety of door styles, such as shaker cabinet doors or panel cabinet doors, and various wood types to choose from, this DIY project is the perfect opportunity to bring a new style to your kitchen.

Whether you prefer traditional designs or something more modern, Better Kitchens - an online supplier of kitchen components based in the UK - is your go-to resource.

No job is too big or too small for their team of cabinet experts who can guide you on the size of the door, type of hinges, and whether glass doors or solid wood doors would better suit your kitchen.

Bearing in mind that each kitchen renovation is unique, we offer both standard sizes and custom-built cabinet doors to fit your existing kitchen cabinet boxes perfectly.

So, let's roll up our sleeves and learn how to replace your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, by following this comprehensive, step-by-step guide. 

Step-by-Step: How to Replace Your Old Doors with New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Marino Liberty Green Handleless J Pull Replacement Kitchen Doors
Marino Liberty Green Handleless J Pull Replacement Kitchen Doors

Starting a DIY project on your own can seem daunting, especially when it involves vital spaces like kitchens. But fret not, our team of cabinet experts is here to guide you. Replacing your old cabinet doors with shaker cabinet doors, glass doors, solid wood doors, or any cabinet door style of your preference is straightforward with the right steps. 

Begin your project by measuring the size of the door, including the cabinet opening. This is crucial, as both standard sizes and custom-built cabinet doors require precise measurements. Next, remove the existing doors by unscrewing the old hinges. Keep note of the hinge holes as you will need them later. 

After you've removed the old doors, it's time to choose your new cabinet doors. Consider the overall kitchen design for your selection. Better Kitchens offer a wide range of new doors and drawer fronts you can choose from.

Whether you lean towards traditional designs, panel doors, or even unfinished doors, they've got a lot of options to satisfy your needs. 

Upon receiving your new doors, start out by attaching new hinges. Depending on the type of hinges you've chosen, the pre-drilled holes might not align. In such scenarios, drilling new pilot holes is essential.

Furthermore, if your doors are double doors, ensure there’s a small gap in between them. The mounting plate connects the door to the cabinet frames, so it’s of utmost importance to align it correctly. 

Once the new hinges are in place, attach the new doors to the old cabinets. Check that the doors open and close smoothly, making adjustments as needed.

Add in your new cabinet fronts and new fronts for a consistent look if desired. For those wanting an adventurous touch, try using wood type that contrast your existing décor. 

When your new cabinet doors are securely fitted, the final step is aligning the doors appropriately. Use blum hinges, known best for their adjustment capability, to attain the correct alignment. This ensures all doors are level and there’s uniformity across all cabinets. 

Replacing old doors with new ones not only enhances the look of your kitchen but also saves a lot of money, giving your kitchen a fresh new style without a complete kitchen renovation.

It transforms not just the aesthetic value of your kitchen, but also its functional worth. From new style cabinet door replacement, replacement kitchen cabinet doors to replacement kitchen doors, this project proves to be a beneficial kitchen makeover.

So why wait? Embrace the world of DIY with Better today and experience the joy of creating or recreating your dream kitchen yourself!

Giving your kitchen a stunning makeover starts with a few easy steps: 

Step 1: Remove Old Doors and Drawers 

Start by removing the old cabinet doors and drawers. This is an important step in preparing for your new doors and cabinet fronts. Keep in mind the old hinges as you will use them as a guide to position the hinge holes on your replacement doors. 

Step 2: Choose Your New Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts 

Switch out those solid wood doors to glass doors for a lighter, more contemporary look or opt for the enduring style of shaker cabinet doors. With a vast selection of new kitchen cabinet doors available at Better Kitchens, you can choose a style that speaks to you like traditional designs or double doors. If you fancy a more personalised touch, pick custom-built cabinet doors! 

Step 3: Measure and Mark Your Hinge Holes 

Once you’ve gotten your new cabinet doors, align them with the existing doorway. These measure would ultimately determine the size of the door. Mark the points where your hinge holes would be. Use pre-drilled holes if present, or create your own with a standard dowel or a pilot hole if necessary. 

Step 4: Attach Your New Hinges and Doors 

Time to replace the old hinges with new ones. Secure them to your cabinet door style using a mounting plate then to the new cabinets themselves. Make sure you've chosen the right type of hinges, such as blum hinges, for your cabinet opening and style of door. 

Step 5: Fix the New Fronts to the Cabinet Frames 

Fix your new fronts to the cabinet frames. Whether it's a single door, a panel door, or double doors, use the team of cabinet experts at Better Kitchens, to guide you through the process. They're also handy with advice on custom doors and panels, strengthening your DIY project. 

Step 6: Apply the Finishing Touches 

Fitting your new hinges and doors on your old cabinets is no easy feat, but once that’s done, your kitchen makeover is almost complete. Apply finishing touches like painting over unfinished doors or treating unfinished wood doors, adding the panel doors, and adjust the double doors to make sure they close properly. 

Getting new replacement cabinet doors and giving your kitchen design a twist is undoubtedly an exhilarating DIY project with Better Kitchens, and with old doors replaced by new kitchen cabinet doors, your kitchen will be like a new one!

Choosing the Ideal New Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen Makeover

Darlington Dust Grey Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors from Better Kitchens
Darlington Dust Grey Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors from Better Kitchens

When it comes to a kitchen makeover, selecting the right new cabinet doors can make a significant impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Start your selection process by considering the style of the door that matches your kitchen design.

While traditional designs can be complemented with panel cabinet doors, those who prefer a more modern style may go for shaker cabinet doors.

If you're undecided, our team of cabinet experts at can help guide you to find the perfect fit. 

Once you've chosen a style, consider the type of wood for your new doors. Solid wood doors offer a timeless, high-end look and longevity, while lower-cost alternatives like MDF can also provide a pleasing aesthetic.

From oak to ash and unvarnished natural wood, the wood type plays a crucial role in the final result. 

We also allow you to tailor your kitchen renovation even further by offering both ready-made and custom doors, available in standard sizes or custom-built cabinet doors to fit specific cabinet openings.

Glass doors, for example, are brilliant for displaying dishware or glassware, and they add a unique touch to your kitchen. For a uniform look, you can match your new cabinet doors with new cabinet fronts and drawer fronts. 

Before making a final decision, attempt to visualise your kitchen with the new doors. Pay attention to how they match with existing elements of your kitchen - will they brighten the kitchen or make it feel cosier?

Do they provide a contrast or blend smoothly with the rest? Remember, a new style in kitchen cabinet doors can create a unique atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

Understanding the Basics: Types of Hinges for Your New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

As any team of cabinet experts would attest, hinges are the unsung heroes of kitchen cabinet design. When it comes to new kitchen cabinets, the type of hinges you select plays a key role in your cabinet door's functionality and overall appearance.

When picking new hinges for your replacement kitchen cabinet doors, it's important to consider whether the existing hinge holes on your old cabinet doors align with the new hinges. Precision is key in this DIY project. 

There are multiple hinge types to choose from, such as the traditional surface-mounted hinges, European (or 'Blum') hinges, and concealed hinges. The kind you choose will largely depend on the style of door you prefer and what matches your kitchen design.

For instance, traditional hinge types are perfect for classic, panel cabinet doors and look remarkable on solid wood doors. Conversely, Blum hinges, with their sleek and modern design, go well with shaker cabinet doors or any other new style cabinets you may opt for. 

The mounting plate of the new hinge should be aligned properly on the cabinet frames - be it new cabinets or old cabinets that you are renovating.

Adjusting older hinges and replacing them with new hinges is a simple procedure, but it may involve drilling pilot holes if the pre-drilled holes do not match.

Never shy away from asking assistance from Better Kitchens' team of cabinet experts if you face any difficulties in this process. 

Moreover, it's important to remember that double doors may require a different hinge type compared to a single door cabinet.

Understanding the nuances of hinge types and their installation will substantially help you in the successful completion of your kitchen cabinet door replacement.

Why Replacing Old Doors with New Doors Can Transform Your Kitchen

Lynton Anthracite Kitchen Doors from Better Kitchens
Lynton Anthracite Kitchen Doors from Better Kitchens

Often, the look of your kitchen can be significantly transformed by merely replacing old cabinet doors with new doors. Whether damaged, worn out, or simply outdated, old cabinet doors can make your kitchen appear less appealing.

Fortunately, the process of replacing cabinet doors is not as daunting as you might think, particularly with the right supplier like Better Kitchens

Cabinet door replacement can breathe new life into your kitchen – and the best part is that it’s a cost-effective kitchen makeover that can save a lot of money compared to a full kitchen renovation.

The transformation can be as simple as replacing existing doors with a modern cabinet door style or opting for more traditional designs to enhance your kitchen's aesthetic.

For example, replacing old doors with shaker cabinet doors or panel cabinet doors can add a touch of sophistication while preserving your kitchen's homely feel. 

Their team of cabinet experts can help you decide on the perfect replacement kitchen doors based on the type of hinges, wood type, and size of the door. For example, the solid wood doors offer a warm, rustic charm, while glass doors can make your kitchen appear more spacious. 

Whether you have double doors, a single door or need new hinges altogether, we can accommodate all your new kitchen cabinet door needs.

We offer various styles including traditional, modern, and shaker, as well as custom-built cabinet doors if you want something truly unique.

Our new cabinets are expertly crafted and will complement your kitchen design perfectly, making your DIY project a resounding success. 

You can also consider opting for unfinished doors and complete the job yourself for a highly personalised touch. This option gives you the freedom to choose the final colour or finish, enabling you to match the new cabinet doors to the rest of your kitchen seamlessly.

Bear in mind that the new cabinet fronts or drawer fronts you select should correspond with your current doors to ensure a consistent look. Likewise, the new hinges you opt for should be compatible with the old hinges for trouble-free installation. 

In summary, cabinet door replacement can refresh your kitchen's appearance without necessitating a complete renovation. Choose your new style, and get started on creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Choosing the Right Size: Standard Sizes vs Custom Doors

Getting the right size for your replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts is key in your kitchen makeover. Your goal will be to make sure the new doors align perfectly with your existing kitchen cabinet boxes. To achieve this, you need to understand the differences between standard sizes and custom doors. 

Standard sizes are the norm for most new cabinets. These sizes are suited to many kitchens and are readily available.

If you are replacing old cabinet doors and the cabinets are a fairly standard size, opting for new cabinet doors with standard sizes can save you a lot of time, and potentially a lot of money.

However, if you are dealing with unique specifications in your kitchen design, be it due to odd dimensions of the cabinets, aesthetic reasons, or functionality needs, then custom doors may be a better fit.

They can also be an ideal option if you are looking to replace old cabinets. Custom doors, like solid wood doors, unfinished doors, or panel cabinet doors, can be made to any size, style, and wood type.

They give you the flexibility of catering for any existing quirks in your kitchen space. 

Door Type Key Features Best Used For
Solid Wood Doors High-quality, durable and can be customised to any size, style and wood type. Kitchens designed for durability and long-term use.
Unfinished Doors Allows for personalisation; can be stained, painted or varnished to desired shade and texture. Kitchens where a particular finish or look is desired.
Panel Cabinet Doors Offer traditional designs; provide aesthetic detail and depth to cabinet fronts. Kitchens that prioritise a classic or traditional aesthetic.

Whether you opt for standard size or custom-built cabinet doors, remember that doors need to fit the cabinet opening cleanly and concisely. To ensure a perfect fit, be sure to measure the size of the door opening correctly.

It can be beneficial to keep in mind the mounting plate, hinge holes, dowel holes, and pilot holes positioning.

Typically, new replacement cabinet doors come undrilled, but if required, can be pre-drilled holes ready for the new hinges, which saves you from making errors during this DIY project. 

Finding the right replacement doors for your kitchen can indeed boost the look of your kitchen. Whether you choose a new style like shaker cabinet doors or traditional designs, the choice between standard sizes and custom doors is dependent on your existing kitchen layout and your specific needs.

With the guidance of a team of cabinet experts, your kitchen renovation could be a DIY project that not only lifts the aesthetic appeal but also enhances the functionality of your kitchen.

Complementing Your Kitchen Renovation with New Kitchen Cabinets

True Handleless Kitchen Cabinet Replacements from Better Kitchens
True Handleless Kitchen Cabinet Replacements from Better Kitchens

As you navigate through your kitchen renovation, one of the most impactful changes you can make is the replacement of old cabinets with new kitchen cabinet boxes or carcasses.

This can dramatically alter the look of your kitchen, giving it a fresh, modern feel. While some homeowners may choose to simply refurbish their existing doors, opting for new cabinet doors can indeed provide a total kitchen makeover. 

At Better Kitchens, our team of kitchen experts are dedicated to providing you with a range of options tailored to your preference and budget.

The process of replacing your cabinet door style usually entails removing the old doors and hinges, and fixing the new doors with new hinges. The old hinges often get worn out over time, and with new hinges, your doors are sure to hang correctly. 

Our collection of new doors includes traditional designs and modern styles. From panel cabinet doors to shaker cabinet doors and glass doors, you are almost certainly to find a design that matches your kitchen's style.

Options like solid wood doors offer durability and a classic aesthetic appeal, while unfinished wood doors allow you to customise the final look, akin to painting on a blank canvas. 

Remember, replacing old cabinet doors can save you a lot of money compared to a full cabinet replacement. Note, however, that if your cabinet frames are damaged or very outdated, you'll want to look into getting new cabinet fronts or even completely new cabinets.

In such cases, these are the best solutions for a kitchen design that not only suits your style but also stands the test of time. 

Better Kitchens also offers an array of DIY solutions for those who prefer a hands-on approach. We provide pre-drilled holes, mounting plates, and even specific type of hinges like Blum hinges to make your DIY project seamless.

Whether you are installing double doors or a single door, our products are engineered for simplicity, making your kitchen remodel less of a challenge. 

In conclusion, whether you choose standard sizes or opt for custom-built cabinet doors, we guarantee top-quality materials for your new kitchen cabinets.

Regardless of your chosen cabinet door style or wood type, our replacement kitchen doors, drawer fronts, and cabinet-related components are sure to bring an exciting new style to your kitchen renovation.

Replace With Shaker Cabinet Doors: A Timeless Option for Your DIY Project

Dust Grey Replacement Shaker Kitchen Doors Available Online From Better Kitchens
Dust Grey Replacement Shaker Kitchen Doors Available Online From Better Kitchens

With roots dating back to a 19th-century religious group, Shaker cabinet doors are characterised by their simplicity, durability, and functionality – a testament to the Shaker belief in modesty and the virtue of labour.

These features continue to hold a timeless appeal in kitchen design. 

Shaker cabinet doors typically consist of a frame constructed from solid wood, with a flat centre panel. Depending on the wood type and finish, they can suit traditional designs or more contemporary ones.

Additionally, the choice between single door, double doors, or even glass doors can influence the look of your kitchen significantly. 

Manufacturers like Better Kitchens provide pre-drilled hinge holes and mounting plate slots for easy installation, saving you a lot of money and time on your kitchen makeover.

With a team of cabinet experts ready to assist, you're sure to find your ideal shaker cabinet doors, whether you're after unfinished doors for a raw look, or new cabinet fronts to completely transform your existing doors. 

One thing to be aware of is that the type of hinges you use on your new doors may differ from the old hinges. Upgrading old cabinets with new hinges can improve both the function and the aesthetic of your new kitchen cabinet doors.

A DIY project like this can be a great way to save money while also personalising the kitchen to your liking. Panel cabinet doors, like the classic Shaker design, allow for a lot of variation and customisation, making them a popular choice in the DIY community.

However, don't be afraid to seek professional advice if you need it – remember that the end goal is a pleasing and functional kitchen space.

If you've decided to replace your old cabinets and breathe new life into your kitchen, consider reaching out to Better Kitchens.

As a leading online supplier in the UK of kitchen components aimed at the DIY market, our team of cabinet experts are always ready to assist you in your kitchen renovation journey. 

Whether you're after traditional designs or something more modern, we provide a wide array of replacement doors, from solid wood doors to glass doors, and even unfinished doors for those who appreciate a bit of DIY-project fun.

Our new cabinet doors come pre-drilled with hinge holes, saving you the effort of making precise measurements and pilot holes, and with a wide range of types of hinge and drawer options available, we've got you covered.

Don't worry if you have double doors or single doors; we cater to all dimensions with our standard sizes and custom doors. 

Not only can you find new doors, but new cabinets, new replacement cabinet doors, and new kitchen cabinet doors, which can transform the look of your kitchen.

Mounting plates, dowel holes, new hinges, and the size of the door are no longer your worries. With our expert guidance, your cabinet door replacement will become a breeze.

Our offerings extend beyond just doors; we provide new cabinet fronts and drawer fronts too, to ensure your whole kitchen gets the makeover it deserves. 

Why spend a lot of money replacing everything when you can just add new fronts to your existing doors and drawers? A simple change of cabinet door style or wood type, like replacing your old doors with Shaker cabinet doors, can work wonders for your kitchen design.

Sprucing up your kitchen doesn't have to be a financial strain; instead, renewing parts of your kitchen, like old cabinet doors, can give your space a fresh, new style. 

Take control of your kitchen makeover and transform your space with new kitchen cabinet doors from Better Kitchens.

Start the journey to your dream kitchen today - See our wide range of kitchens & components. Let us be your guide in creating a kitchen space that's uniquely yours!

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