website(1,) Belfast Sinks: Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Options & Sizes

Belfast Sinks: Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Options & Sizes

Choosing the Perfect Belfast Sink: Styles, Sizes, and Essential Tips for Your Kitchen

Choosing the Perfect Belfast Sink: Explore Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Sizes, Types & Installation Tips

Introducing the timeless appeal and practicality of Belfast sinks, alternatively known as farmhouse kitchen sinks.

These sinks have become increasingly popular in contemporary kitchen designs, seamlessly blending traditional charm with modern-day usability. In this article, we look into the assorted options and sizes available for these impressive sinks. 

Overview of Belfast Sinks

The Essence of Belfast Sinks 

Belfast sinks, also known as farmhouse sinks, are renowned for their deep basins and robust construction, making them ideal companions to your busy kitchen needs.

600mm Single Belfast Sink in Farmhouse Kitchen Reed Green
600mm Single Belfast Sink in Farmhouse Kitchen Reed Green

They comfortably accommodate large pots, ensuring an efficient clean-up process. 

Embedded in traditional British kitchens and gaining global popularity due to their practicality and integral charm, Belfast sinks fit seamlessly into a variety of kitchen styles.

Whether you're looking for a touch of rustic elegance or a modern upgrade, Belfast sinks come in a range of materials to complement your kitchen aesthetics. 

This array of materials primarily includes a high-quality white ceramic fireclay, making these sinks an epitome of durability and resistance to common kitchen blights such as stains and scratches.

Alongside the classic white fireclay sink, there's also an intriguing black ceramic option which injects a dose of modern glamour into this otherwise classical design.

Product Options – Ceramic Belfast Sinks

Introducing our high-quality range of Belfast sinks, meticulously crafted from durable white ceramic fireclay. As the epitome of farmhouse kitchen sinks, our Belfast sinks are recognised for their resistance to stains, scratches, and their longevity.

Double White Ceramic Fireclay Belfast Sink - Better Kitchens
Double White Ceramic Fireclay Belfast Sink from Better Kitchens

Produced from natural clay, these sinks celebrate a blend of form and function, epitomised in their simple design and robust construction. 

The ceramic Belfast sinks come in two main variants, the single Belfast sink and the double Belfast sink.

The single Belfast sink, perfect for standard kitchen layouts, measures approximately 600mm in width, providing a large, deep basin perfect for washing large pots or other kitchenware.

Meanwhile, the double Belfast sink with its twin basins adds extended functionality to your kitchen space, measuring around 800mm in width. 

Beyond the standard white fireclay sink, you have the option to choose a ceramic Belfast sink in black, adding a modern twist to your kitchen counter.

This option pushes the boundaries of traditional farmhouse sinks, offering a unique look for those after something a little different.

Keep in mind that due to the natural clay composition, the sizes of ceramic Belfast sinks can vary up to 5%, which is a standard characteristic of these products. This may require slight on-site adjustments to the cabinetry during installation.

Product Material Colour Dimensions
Single Belfast Sink High-quality ceramic fireclay White 600mm in width
Single Belfast Sink High-quality ceramic fireclay Black 600mm in width
Single Belfast Sink High Grade Steel Gold 600mm in width
Single Belfast Sink High Grade Steel Copper 600mm in width
Double Belfast Sink High-quality ceramic fireclay White 800mm in width
Double Belfast Sink High-quality ceramic fireclay Black 800mm in width

Unique Offerings – The Gold & Copper Belfast Sinks

Introducing the unique variation of the Belfast sink: a stainless steel farmhouse sink in a metallic finish. This sink is not your average farmhouse kitchen sink.

It sports an elegant gold or copper finish, offering an unmatched aesthetic edge that stands out in modern kitchens.

Gold Belfast Sink With Single Door Belfast Sink Base Unit - Better Kitchens
Gold Belfast Sink With Single Door Belfast Sink Base Unit from Better Kitchens

Coming in a standard 600mm width, its exterior dimensions are designed to fit seamlessly into just about any kitchen configuration, making it a desirable centrepiece.

Despite the metallic touch, efficiency is not compromised. Like all Belfast sinks, this gold farmhouse sink or copper farmhouse sink boasts a large, single bowl, deep basin for accommodating large pots.

Adding to its aesthetic appeal, this stainless steel farmhouse sink truly shines when paired with a matching gold tap. A cohesive look is achieved, lending an air of luxury and opulence to your farmhouse kitchen.

Copper Belfast Sink With Custom Drawer Belfast Sink Base Unit - Better Kitchens
Copper Belfast Sink With Custom Drawer Belfast Sink Base Unit from Better Kitchens

This combination not only enhances the sink's functionality but also contributes to a cohesive kitchen design.

he choice of tap can greatly affect the overall look and experience of using your sink. So, when choosing a tap for your gold farmhouse sink, ensure it matches not just in colour but also in style and functionality.

Sink Base Units & Cabinets

Choosing the right kitchen unit for your Belfast sink is integral to its effective installation and long-term functionality.

Seaton Indigo Blue Shaker Kitchen With Double Belfast Sink and Double Door Belfast Base Unit - Better Kitchens
Seaton Indigo Blue Shaker Kitchen With Double Belfast Sink and Double Door Belfast Base Unit - Better Kitchens

Ensuring good compatibility between the sink and the base unit will result in a seamless fit and provide the necessary support, particularly considering the weight and size of these farmhouse kitchen sinks. 

In your quest for the perfect sink base unit, two options emerge – the 600mm and the 800mm wide units. The 600mm unit provides a snug fit and adequate support for your single bowl Belfast sink, aligning perfectly to its exterior dimensions.

On the other hand, the 800mm wide base unit, optionally featuring a door or a drawer with a filler panel, is specially designed for double bowl fireclay farmhouse sinks.

This ensures stability and proportionate appearance, given the sink’s large basins. 

Cabinet Name Base Unit Size Sink Bowl Type Exterior Dimensions
600mm Belfast Sink Base Unit 600mm Single Bowl 600mm Wide x 560mm Deep (excluding door thickness) x 495mm High
800mm Double Door Belfast Sink Base Unit 800mm Double Bowl 800mm Wide x 560mm Deep (excluding door thickness) x 495mm High
800mm Single Drawer Belfast Sink Base Unit 800mm Double Bowl 800mm Wide x 560mm Deep (excluding door thickness) x 495mm High

Crucially, there are specially designed Belfast sink base units for fitting these sinks effortlessly into your kitchen worktop.

Such base units ensure that the front of the cabinet is intact, the sink surface aligns well with the counter, and any rustic sinks can enjoy a tidy finish.

These meaningful additions to your new kitchen sink can significantly enhance the overall aesthetics while ensuring the sink functions effectively over the years. 

Remember though, when considering replacement of the sink, consult the minimum cabinet size required for your chosen Belfast sink model. Correct sizing is essential to guarantee a neat install and lasting durability.

Installation Essentials – Base End Panels

When it comes to nailing the perfect sink setup in your kitchen, consideration must extend beyond the sink surface and sink bowl itself. A key component of achieving a streamlined look lies in the successful integration of Base End Panels.

Belfast Sink With End Panels On Both Sides Of The Sink - Better Kitchens
Belfast Sink With End Panels On Both Sides Of The Sink

These elements have been specifically designed to fill in unsightly gaps left by the rounded edges of farmhouse kitchen sinks, especially prominent in ceramic Belfast sinks because of their natural clay composition. 

These gaps can compromise the seamless aesthetic of your kitchen counter, creating an unpleasant contrast between the front of the cabinet and the side of the sink.

With a well-aligned base end panel, you can effectively hide these gaps, ensuring a neat and polished look that complements the rest of your kitchen design. 

Our range of base end panels come in two design options – Plain or T&G. This allows for a degree of customisation to align with your overall design aesthetic.

The plain option is typically advised when the farmhouse sink is nestled between cabinets, ensuring a smooth blend with surrounding elements.

On the other hand, either Plain or T&G can be selected when the Belfast sink marks the end of a unit run – in this scenario, the end panel will be more visible, and your choice can help emphasize the overall theme of your kitchen décor. 

Your new kitchen sink deserves the perfect frame, and our base end panels offer just that - a touch of finesse to your rustic sink setup.

Size Variations and Installation Tips

When considering farmhouse kitchen sinks, don't overlook the appeal of ceramic Belfast sinks.

These sinks are typically made from high-quality white ceramic fireclay, renowned for its outstanding durability, resistance to stains, and ability to weather frequent use.

You also have the choice of a black ceramic option for a unique spin on the classic sink design, thus adding a modern twist to your kitchen setting.

If you're seeking something different, why not opt for a stainless steel Belfast sink?

This distinctive stainless steel farmhouse sink often boasts a stylish gold finish, providing a chic, contemporary alternative to ceramic options whilst still expressing the rustic charm associated with farmhouse sinks.

The exterior dimensions of these sinks are designed to fit perfectly into a 600mm kitchen counter. The interior dimensions of the sink bowl bring their own touch of elegance and functionality, making washing large pots an easy task. 

Remember that when choosing your new Belfast sink, the size may vary up to 5% due to the clay composition. Thus, it's essential to have some flexibility in your cabinetry fitting.

Small adjustments usually have to be made to the front of the cabinet on site to ensure the sink fits perfectly. This standard is typical for these types of products and does not represent a flaw. 

You should also consider the Belfast sink base units. These units are specifically designed for Belfast sinks, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal support on your kitchen counter.

Available sizes include the 600mm wide base unit, perfect for a single bowl Belfast sink, and the 800mm wide base unit, tailored for a double Belfast sink.

Yet, remember that when considering these particular sinks, minimum cabinet size needs to be measured for a perfect sink to fit. 

Once installed, base end panels provide the final touch. Strategically placed on each side of the sink, these panels hide the gaps left by the sink's rounded edges, ensuring a neat, finished look.

The placement of the panels, whether on the right side of the sink or the left, depends on your preferred layout and dishwashing flow.

Just as the sinks themselves, these panels align in size with both the 600mm and 800mm wide sink base units. After all, from sink surface to base unit, every inch counts when creating your ideal kitchen layout. 

When installing a farmhouse sink, be it a single bowl fireclay workstation farmhouse sink or a spacious double bowl fireclay farmhouse sink, consider its weight and size.

These large basins require sturdy support. Proper installation ensures long-term functionality and safety.

Take into account both the interior and exterior dimensions when planning for your new sink. And remember—the perfect sink should marry functionality and style in equal measure, perfectly fitting into your kitchen setting and lifestyle.


Denim Blue Shaker Kitchen With Belfast Sink For A Farmhouse Look And Feel - Better Kitchens
Denim Blue Shaker Kitchen With Belfast Sink For A Farmhouse Look And Feel - Better Kitchens

To wrap up, Belfast sinks, whether in a rustic ceramic form or a modern stainless steel variant, combine elegance and functionality in a way that few other kitchen sinks can.

Beyond their inherent durability, deep basins and resistance to scratches and stains, they add a sense of timeless style and practicality to any kitchen. The black ceramic and gold farmhouse sink options add a modern edge that perfectly complement a range of kitchen designs. 

The classic single bowl sink is an excellent choice for standard sizes, whilst the large double bowl fireclay farmhouse sink provides added functionality for those cooking and cleaning large pots.

The fireclay sink offers a heat and stain resistant surface, while the stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sink incorporates an understated gleam to a more modern kitchen design. 

The exterior dimensions of our Belfast sinks are designed to snugly fit into your kitchen counter, with the option of additional front end panels to achieve a truly seamless look.

However, note the possible variation of up to 5% either side of the sink due to the natural clay composition of ceramic sinks. This might necessitate a minor adjustment to the front of your kitchen cabinet during installation. 

The perfect sink for your kitchen is one that combines aesthetics, functionality and durability. With the wide range of Belfast sinks and accompanying products we offer, you are certain to find an option that meets these requirements and more.

So, don’t wait to upgrade your kitchen with a new kitchen sink!

Explore our range of Belfast sinks and accompanying products in more detail on our website.

Remember, we are always available to provide personalised advice and assistance in selecting the right size and style to match your kitchen design.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more help, and together we’ll ensure you choose the perfect sink.

Ardene Stoneman 24 January, 2024
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