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Kitchen pantry Units: Creating the Traditional Look in a Modern Kitchen

Explore how kitchen pantry units can be seamlessly integrated into modern kitchens to evoke a timeless, traditional look without sacrificing functionality.

Understanding Kitchen Pantry Units: The Reasons Behind Their Popularity

Often, the charm of traditional concepts defies the tide of time, and this holds true particularly when it comes to kitchen design.

Combining old-world aesthetics with modern storage demands, kitchen pantry units are making a dramatic reappearance in contemporary households. 

Central to the popularity of kitchen pantry units is the flexibility they provide. Whether you have a compact kitchen or a spacious one, a pantry unit can be tailored to fit your space and meet your specific storage needs.

Old-style pantry units focus on functionality, featuring a variety of storage options such as shelves, cupboards, pull-out drawers, and sometimes, special compartments for specific items like spices or wine. 

Apart from the practical advantage, these units also transform the kitchen's overall look. Once tucked into a corner of a room, today's pantry units can be a striking focal point of your kitchen- a place that exhibits your personal style and taste. 

The pantry does not have to be an arbitrary addition. Integrating it with the rest of your kitchen design can give your space a seamless look. 
  • Farmhouse-style: One of the classic pantry styles, it incorporates rustic elements like wood and wicker baskets.
  • Colonial-style: This style leans towards heavy wooden units, often with glass panel doors or ornately carved features.
  • Victorian-style: Noted for its extravagant carvings, mouldings and dark hues, offering a feel of luxury and opulence.

However, tradition does not necessarily mean old or antiquated. It's about embracing the aesthetics of yesteryears and adapting them to suit contemporary lifestyles.

The success of traditional kitchen pantry design today is a testament to its timelessness and adaptability.

It is also worth mentioning that pantry units often serve as the central hub of kitchen activities.

Additional modern functionalities such as integrated appliances and kitchen gadgets are also redefining the standards of pantry design, enhancing not only their utility but their appeal in modern homes.

The Two Principal Types: The Walk-In Corner Larder and Built In Butlers Pantry

When considering your kitchen pantry unit, there are two predominant styles to choose from: the walk-in corner larder and the built-in butler's pantry.

Each has its unique features and benefits, and choosing between the two often comes down to your personal preference and available kitchen space. 

The Walk-In Corner Larder

The Walk-In Corner Larder Pantry Unit From Better KitchensThe Walk-In Corner Larder Pantry Unit From Better Kitchens

The walk-in corner larder, true to its name, is a walk-in space which utilises the corner of the kitchen. This design is optimal for larger kitchens and is a great way to maximise space, in particular those under-used awkward corners.

The distinct advantage of this style is the flexibility in storage it offers. Shelves can be specifically adjusted to accommodate larger items like cereal boxes and bottles, something a standard pantry may struggle to accommodate. 

  • Space Efficient: Ideal for large kitchens, utilising corners for maximum storage.
  • Flexible Storage: Offers the possibility to adjust shelves to accommodate varying pantry items.
  • Convenient Accessibility: The walk-in design makes it easy to see what you have at a glance.

The Built-In Butler's Pantry

The Built-In Butler's Pantry Larder Unit From Better KitchensThe Built-In Butler's Pantry Larder Unit From Better Kitchens

For those with smaller kitchens or a penchant for sleek design, the built-in butler's pantry is an excellent choice. This design is fully integrated into your kitchen cabinetry, providing a seamless aesthetic. Whilst it may not offer as much space as the walk-in corner larder, it boasts the benefit of subtlety. For those embarking on a kitchen redesign where keeping clean lines and minimising visual clutter is key, this could be the pantry for you.

  • Seamless Aesthetics: Offers harmony with existing kitchen design, keeping all pantry items neatly out of sight.
  • Ergonomically Friendly: Items are kept at easy reach, improving kitchen functionality.
  • Space Saver: Ideal for smaller kitchens where every inch of space counts.

In conclusion, both the walk-in corner larder and the built-in butler's pantry offer unique benefits and can be chosen based on the existing kitchen space and your personal design preference.

Carefully considering your kitchen layout, storage requirements and aesthetic preferences will ensure that your chosen pantry style is a practical and visually pleasing element in your kitchen.

Pantry Unit Colours and Options

When it comes to selecting a pantry unit that complements your kitchen décor and expresses your unique style, Better Kitchens offers an impressive range of choices.

Amongst this extensive selection, you will find an array of 30 kitchen door options that span both modern and traditional designs, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences. 

Contemporary design enthusiasts will appreciate sleek and minimalist options, available in a variety of tonal shades and finishes.

Whether you're desiring a cool silver or daring black for a modern, industrial chic or a soft white or cream for a more minimalist, sophisticated style, the modern variety available caters to all tastes and trends. 

Those drawn to a classic look will be pleasantly surprised by the traditional door options available. Resplendent in fabulous shades, from rustic browns to calming blues, they evoke an ageless charm that is sure to add character to your kitchen.

These pieces blend perfectly into settings with vintage or rustic themes, and add a touch of nostalgia in more contemporary environments. 

Focusing on the finer details, Better Kitchens does not stop at doors alone. The pantry units also feature 8 distinct carcase colours enabling you to mix and match to your liking.

This feature provides an additional layer to personalise your kitchen pantry and establish a uniform or contrasting colour scheme as per your preference. 

Quite simply, with Better Kitchens, you can enjoy a range of options that achieves the perfect balance between functionality and style at low kitchen prices not seen on the Highstreet.

No matter your preference, the range of choices ensures your pantry unit becomes a focal point of your kitchen while consistently serving its practical purpose.

Ardene Stoneman 8 January, 2024
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