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What Type Of Kitchen Corner Post Do I Need?

Corner posts form an integral part of the design of any kitchen. For those kitchens that have corner units, a corner post will ensure that all adjoining units fit seamlessly. 

We offer 2 types of corner posts, Adjustable or Fixed size and are available in the same colour as your chosen kitchen style and colour.

Either type can be used to create a flowing connection between the door or drawer fronts on the corner unit and the adjacent unit. However, both types have their pro's and cons are will be more suitable for different installation requirements.

Adjustable Corner Post

Supplied as two separate panels, Adjustable Corner posts are perfect for out of square kitchens and when the unit layout means an unequal size or angled corner post needs to be created.

Adjustable Corner Posts are our preferred option as the they give allow for maximum flexibility for planning and installation.

Each panel is 100mm wide and can be cut onsite and screwed together to create a custom sized corner post from 20mm to 100mm wide in both directions.  

Fixed Size Corner Post

 Fixed sized Corner Posts are easy to install as no cutting is required and if the adjacent units are kept square to the corner units. The downside side is that you have zero flexibility on the positioning of the adjacent units during the installation process.

Supplied in either 60mm or 70mm wide (depending on the chosen kitchen style) in both directions. The size stated on Fixed Posts is the back of the post.

External versions of fixed post are also available in some kitchen styles and are used on Island and return features.

Next Steps...

Once you've decided on the type of Corner Post that suits your kitchen plan, we recommend that your familiarise yourself with the installation process, check out our other guides!