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Creating an Overmantle or Chimney Breast Feature in Your Kitchen

In this guide, delve into the myriad of options available for designing an overmantle or chimney breast feature, turning a kitchen into a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Whether aiming for a country kitchen design or a modern look, discover how an overmantle can be the key to unlocking your kitchen’s potential.

In the realm of kitchen design, the integration of overmantles and chimney breast features stands as a testament to innovation and aesthetic appeal.

These features, once considered obstacles, have been transformed into centrepieces that seamlessly blend with various kitchen styles.

Top Tips:

  • Explore Options: Whether opting for a chimney extractor or a classic kitchen mantle, explore various designs to find the one that best complements your space.

  • Customisation is Key: Tailor the overmantle to match the aesthetic of your kitchen, considering the mouldings, cornices, and detailing.

  • Utilise Storage: Maximise the functionality of your overmantle by incorporating storage solutions such as slim cupboards or wine bottle holders.

Existing chimney feature in kitchen

Integrating Existing Chimney Breasts

For kitchens built around existing chimney breasts, the goal is to incorporate these features, creating a look that harmonises with the entire kitchen.

The popularity of this style has surged, leading to the creation of artificial overmantels to simulate chimney breasts in properties lacking them.

Versatile Styles and Features

From traditional to modern, overmantles can be adapted to every kitchen style imaginable.

They offer not just a top edge, but also incorporate storage solutions on the sides, such as slim cupboards and wine bottle holders, presenting almost endless possibilities.

Three-Dimensional Design

Overmantles can be crafted as three-dimensional structures that sit over the hob, replicating the feel of a true chimney breast.

This versatility makes them a fitting addition to kitchens seeking a blend of modern and traditional elements.

Transforming kitchens with innovation and style, an overmantle or chimney breast feature blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, turning a simple space into a harmonious masterpiece

Installation and Customisation

Installation of overmantles is done after the base cabinets have been installed, and they can be fixed above them to suit both high and low ceilings.

Customisation allows homeowners to match the mouldings and cornices of their chosen kitchen design and opt for as much or as little intricate detailing as desired.

Transcending Design Limitations

No longer are kitchens governed by large chimney breasts.

The incorporation of a modern overmantle can transform an old-fashioned chimney breast into a contemporary masterpiece, aligning with the homeowner’s design requirements.

Plant-on overmantle chimney feature with top shelf

Addressing Your Queries: Overmantle and Chimney Breast Feature FAQs

Get answers to common questions about designing and integrating an overmantle or chimney breast feature in your kitchen, helping you make informed decisions for your kitchen project.

A kitchen overmantle serves both aesthetic and functional purposes, acting as a focal point and offering additional storage solutions.

Yes, artificial overmantels can be designed to simulate a chimney breast feature in kitchens without an existing one.

An overmantle enhances a country kitchen design by adding a traditional element, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

Absolutely, overmantles can be tailored to match the mouldings, cornices, and detailing of your chosen kitchen design.

Yes, overmantles offer various storage solutions, including slim cupboards and wine bottle holders.

Indeed, a modern overmantle can transform an old-fashioned chimney breast into a contemporary feature.

The overmantle is installed after the base cabinets have been fixed in place.

No, overmantles can be designed to suit both high and low ceilings.

While both serve as focal points, a kitchen mantle typically encompasses the area around a fireplace, whereas an overmantle is situated above the hob.

Yes, an overmantle can be designed to incorporate a chimney extractor, enhancing functionality and style.


Designing an overmantle or chimney breast feature is a creative endeavour that can truly elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen.

Whether you're blending old with new or crafting a unique focal point, a kitchen overmantle offers versatility and style.

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