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Types of Feature End Base Units Explored

Discover the aesthetic and functional benefits of incorporating feature end base units in your kitchen, and explore the different types available for a truly bespoke design.

These units, distinguished by their unique installation and finishing methods, bring a striking design and look to any kitchen.

Introduction to Feature Units

Feature units are an essential component in modern kitchen design, offering a visually appealing and distinctive look.

The unique installation of these units, particularly open end kitchen units, means that their fittings are exposed, necessitating an alternative method to standard units.

Different Types of Feature End Base Units

There are primarily four types of feature end base units, each providing a different finish and look:

Angled End Base Unit

This unit features an angled end, creating a unique and appealing look. It blends seamlessly into the overall kitchen design.

Curved End Unit

With a curved finish, this unit adds a touch of elegance and smoothness to the kitchen's aesthetic.

Splay Unit

The Splay Unit stands out with its unique angle, tapering at 30% from the long edge to the short edge, providing a smooth transition between different depths of units. 

Installation Tip: Splay Units are particularly useful for achieving a seamless transition in kitchens with varying depths of units.

Installation Considerations

Not all feature base units have adjoining units on either side, leading to additional considerations, particularly when they are at the end of a run of units. The finishing of the unit is pivotal for achieving a coherent and polished look.

Achieving a Spectacular Finish

While the installation of a feature end base unit involves several considerations, it is just as straightforward as installing standard base units.

With the right approach, you can ensure a kitchen that looks every bit as spectacular as you envision.

FAQs: Understanding Feature End Base Units

Navigate through our short FAQ section to quickly address common queries about feature end base units.

This section provides concise answers to help you gain a clearer understanding of the units' characteristics and installation, aiding in your kitchen design journey.

A feature end base unit is a distinctive kitchen unit installed differently from standard units, offering a striking design and look.

Feature units require an alternative installation method as they are open and any fittings would be exposed.

The finishing of the unit is vital for avoiding exposed sides and achieving a polished look.

It features an angled end, contributing to a unique and appealing kitchen design.

It offers a square finish, aligning perfectly with the rest of the kitchen for a cohesive appearance.

The curved finish adds a touch of elegance and smoothness to the overall kitchen design.

The Splay Unit is 360mm wide, angled at 30% from the long edge to the short edge, with a door hinged from the short side. It’s used to finish ends or create a flow into a reduced depth run of units.

They are just as straightforward to install, with specific considerations for finishing.

Absolutely, feature units offer a striking design and look, enhancing the overall kitchen aesthetic.

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Embracing feature end base units can significantly enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality. By understanding the different types and installation nuances, you can achieve a seamless and spectacular finish.

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