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The Benefits of Pull Out Larders: Enhancing Kitchen Storage and Functionality

Explore the merits of incorporating pull out larders and their alternatives, such as swing out larders, into your kitchen design.

Understand how these storage solutions improve pantry storage, tall unit storage, and contribute to the overall functionality of your kitchen space.

Why Pull Out Larders Are a Key Element in Kitchen Design

When it comes to effective kitchen design, storage solutions such as pull out larders bring a blend of functionality and visual appeal.

With options like swing out larders also available, understanding the nuances between them can guide you toward making an informed decision.

Features and Benefits of Pull Out Larders

  • Enhanced Organisation: Pull out larders offer the advantage of keeping your groceries and kitchen essentials neatly arranged. They are suitable for a variety of items, from spices to packaged foods and more.

  • Ease of Access: These larders are designed to pull out from the cabinet, providing easy and complete access to all stored items.

  • Space Efficiency: Pull out larders are typically available in widths of 300mm and 400mm, making them a space-saving yet effective storage solution.

  • Design Integrity: Being tucked away behind a cabinet door means the pull out larder does not interfere with the aesthetic elements of your kitchen.

Swing Out Larders: An Alternative to Consider

  • Wider Size Options: Available in 300, 400, 500, and 600mm widths, swing out larders offer more versatility in storage size.

  • Dynamic Access: Upon opening the hinged door, the internal frame of the swing out larder moves outward, making items accessible with ease.

  • Flexible Storage: Thanks to its unique design, the swing out larder allows for more dynamic storage options.

Core Differences Between Pull Out and Swing Out Larders

  • Width Range: Swing out larders offer more size options.

  • Access Mechanism: While pull out larders slide out, swing out larders feature an internal section that moves out when the door is opened.

  • Storage Versatility: Swing out larders offer more dynamic storage configurations due to their unique design.

Practical Advice for Efficient Larder Use

  1. Sort by Category: Organise similar items together for a streamlined cooking experience.

  2. Label Items: Quick identification saves time and effort.

  3. Regular Inventory: A periodic review helps in removing expired or unused items.


Pull out and swing out larders both offer valuable storage solutions for any kitchen. Your choice between them should align with your specific storage needs and space considerations.

Ready to improve your kitchen storage? Explore our selection of high-quality pull out and swing out larders at Better Kitchens today.