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What Is a Magic Corner and Do You Need One?

Discover what a Magic Corner is and why this innovative storage solution could be the missing piece in maximising your kitchen’s functionality.

Introduction to Magic Corners

If your kitchen corners have become a confusing jumble of hard-to-reach items, it's time to consider a game-changing solution: the Magic Corner pull out. Designed to transform your corner units into an optimised storage space, Magic Corners eliminate the struggles commonly associated with these awkward areas.

What Exactly Is a Magic Corner?

In essence, a Magic Corner is a modern corner storage system that consists of moving baskets or shelves. When you open the corner unit door, these compartments glide out smoothly, offering easy access to your stored items. They can be installed to suit left-hand, right-hand, or even universal corner unit configurations.

Why Magic Corners Are a Must-Have

Optimised Storage

A Magic Corner system maximises the use of your corner unit space, making every square inch work for you.

Easy Accessibility

Forget about blindly reaching into overcrowded corner units; Magic Corners bring everything right to your fingertips.

DIY or Professional Installation

Whether you’re an avid DIYer or prefer professional installation, Magic Corners are versatile enough to accommodate both approaches.​

Is a Magic Corner Right for You?

Assess Your Needs

If your corner unit is currently a chaotic mess or simply underused, a Magic Corner could be a worthwhile investment.

Consider Your Budget

While Magic Corners are an excellent solution, they also require an initial investment. Make sure it aligns with your budget.

Think Long-term

A well-organised kitchen is a long-term asset. The efficiency and functionality provided by a Magic Corner will serve you well for years to come.

Top Tips for Choosing and Installing a Magic Corner

  • Accurate Measurements: Measure your corner unit carefully to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Weight Limits: Consider the weight capacity of the Magic Corner model you choose.
  • Professional Consultation: Unsure about installation? Consult a kitchen installer for expert advice.


If your kitchen corners are currently underutilised or a source of frustration, a Magic Corner may well be the answer. These ingenious systems turn previously troublesome spots into some of the most functional areas in your kitchen.

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