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Comprehensive Glossary of Essential Kitchen Terms

Welcome to our comprehensive step by step guide to installing your kitchen. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a fledgling handyman, this guide has been crafted with you in mind.

We'll walk you through each step of the process, offering technical yet easy-to-understand advice to ensure you can install your dream kitchen with confidence. 

Before we delve into the step-by-step process, it's important to familiarise yourself with some key terms related to kitchen installation.

Below is a glossary of terms that will help guide you on your journey. 

Term Description
Backsplash (US) A material used on the wall above the worktop to protect it from splashes.
Base unit A type of cabinet that sits on the floor and supports the worktop.
Built-in Refers to appliances or furniture that are installed as a part of the overall kitchen structure.
Cabinet A storage compartment with doors and shelves.
Carcase The shell or body of a cabinet, excluding doors, drawer fronts, and hardware.
Cornice A decorative moulding that covers the space between the tops of the cabinets and the ceiling.
Countertop (US) An alternative term for worktop, the flat surface on base units where food preparation takes place.
Corner unit A cabinet designed to fit in a corner of a kitchen, commonly used for storage.
Door The movable barrier attached to the cabinet that can be opened or closed.
Drawer fronts The visible part of a drawer when it is closed.
End panel A matching piece of material used to cover the exposed side of a cabinet at the end of a run.
Freestanding Refers to items of furniture not attached or built-in to the structure of the kitchen.
In-frame A type of kitchen design where the doors sit flush within the frame of the cabinet.
Integrated Refers to appliances that are designed to be built into a kitchen unit, hiding them from view.
Island A standalone piece of kitchen cabinetry that is accessible from all sides, typically serving as a worktop or dining area.
Kidney corner A corner unit with a kidney-shaped lazy susan shelf system.
Magic corner A pull-out corner unit solution that uses the space effectively.
Overhang The part of the worktop that extends beyond the edge of the base unit.
Pantry A storage area for food, dishes, linens, and more. It can be built-in or freestanding.
Pelmet A decorative framework used to conceal the fixtures at the top of a window or kitchen cabinet.
Peninsular A type of countertop extension that is connected on three sides and extends into open space.
Pilaster A decorative element used on cabinetry that is similar to a column.
Plinths Also known as the kickboard, it is the panel that spans the gap between the floor and the bottom of the base units.
Soft close A feature on doors and drawers that allows for a slow, quiet closure.
Splashback An alternative term for a backsplash, referring to the material protecting the wall behind a worktop.
Tall unit A cabinet that extends from the ground to the top of the wall, typically used for storing food or housing appliances.
Upstand A small vertical surface on the back of a worktop or countertop, acting as a continuation of the worktop.
Wall unit A cabinet that is attached to the wall and does not touch the floor.
Worktop (UK) The flat surface on base units where various tasks are carried out, such as food preparation.

In this glossary, we've strived to cover most of the terms you need to understand the installation process.

However, kitchens are complex, and there might be terms that we haven't included. If you come across any term that you don't understand, please let us know.

We're more than happy to expand this glossary to make sure that all DIY kitchen enthusiasts have the knowledge they need to install their own kitchens.

After all, our main goal here is to ensure that you have all the data necessary for your kitchen project.

So don’t hesitate, gear up, collect all your tools and have a blast installing your new affordable kitchen with this comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide.