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Guide to Under-Sink Drawer Inserts

In kitchen design, the goal is always to make the most of available space without losing functionality. Drawer sink inserts have become a smart fix for this.

They let you put a usable drawer under the kitchen sink, a spot usually taken up by pipes and often left empty.

This simple yet smart idea helps homeowners make full use of their kitchen space.

What Are Drawer Sink Inserts?

Drawer sink inserts are specially designed components that facilitate the inclusion of a functional drawer beneath a kitchen sink.

This space is often left unused due to the presence of plumbing fixtures, including the sink and waste fittings.

Metal Under-Sink Drawer Insert from Better Kitchens

The inserts are available in two materials: plastic and metal, catering to different sizes and durability preferences.

Metal Under-Sink Drawer Insert from Better Kitchens

Metal Under-Sink Drawer Insert Dimension from Better Kitchens

Plastic Under-Sink Drawer Insert from Better Kitchens

The smaller version is typically made of plastic, offering a cost-effective solution, while the larger, more robust option is constructed from metal.

The Benefits of Installing Drawer Sink Inserts

The primary advantage of these inserts is their ability to transform an underutilised area into valuable storage space.

By accommodating a drawer under the sink, homeowners can conveniently store cleaning supplies, such as washing-up liquid, bin bags, and brushes, keeping them hidden yet accessible.

This not only helps in keeping the kitchen organised but also in maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Installation Process

Our drawer sink inserts are designed to complement a two-drawer base unit, generally ranging between 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm in width.

Customers can easily select the sink drawer option when purchasing a unit, adding the insert as an associated component.

It's worth noting that Better Kitchens does not pre-install these inserts into the cabinets.

This approach allows customers the flexibility to undertake the installation on-site, positioning the insert precisely where it's needed based on their specific plumbing configuration.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Positioning the Cabinet: Begin by placing the cabinet in its intended spot. This will help you determine the exact location for the sink and the required adjustments for the waste, which doesn't necessarily have to be centred but can be offset to either side as needed.

  2. Marking and Cutting: Remove the existing drawer and mark the areas where modifications are needed to accommodate the sink's waste or avoid interference with the drawer mechanism. Using a circular saw or jigsaw, carefully cut the base and back panel of the drawer to fit the insert.

  3. Installing the Insert: Once the necessary adjustments are made, the insert can be positioned within the drawer. This creates a U-shaped space that can be tailored to the left or right, depending on the sink's placement and plumbing requirements. The insert is then secured with screws, and the drawer edges are tidied up for a neat finish.

  4. Finishing Touches: Both the plastic and metal inserts are available in a graphite colour, designed to match the drawers we supply perfectly. This ensures a cohesive and professional look throughout the kitchen.

Practical and Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond the practical benefits, drawer sink inserts also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen. By allowing for a cleaner, more organised space, they enhance the overall look and feel of the area.

The availability of inserts in graphite colour ensures that they blend seamlessly with the existing cabinetry, maintaining the kitchen's design integrity.

Why Better Kitchens Offers a DIY Solution

At Better Kitchens, we understand the importance of customisation and flexibility in kitchen design.

By providing drawer sink inserts as a do-it-yourself option, we empower our customers to make adjustments based on their unique situations and requirements.

This approach not only ensures a custom fit but also allows for a more involved and personalised installation process.


Drawer sink inserts represent a smart and efficient way to maximise kitchen space, offering a practical solution for utilising an area that is often overlooked.

With their ease of installation and the flexibility to fit various plumbing configurations, these inserts are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their kitchen's functionality and aesthetics.

Whether you choose the plastic or metal version, the addition of a drawer sink insert is sure to make a significant difference in your kitchen's organisation and overall appeal.

Remember, while Better Kitchens provides these innovative inserts, the installation is up to you, allowing for a tailored fit that meets your specific needs.