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How to Choose the Right Tall Appliance Housing for Your Kitchen

Unlock the potential of your kitchen space by selecting the perfect tall appliance housing. Learn how to make informed choices for integrating appliances like ovens and coffee machines seamlessly into your kitchen design.

The Evolution of Kitchen Design

Modern kitchens have evolved into multifunctional spaces. Beyond mere cooking, they now cater to various needs, including socialising and storage.

As appliances like ovens and coffee machines become more advanced, the design must adapt. Tall appliance housing units serve as the perfect solution to this challenge.

Why Consider Tall Appliance Housing?

When planning a kitchen layout, you may want to look into adding a tall oven unit or high appliance cabinets.

These units can house everything from your built-in fridge to your coffee machine, offering three distinct height options: Low, Medium, and High.

Tall Appliance Housing in Moss Green Kitchen

The Rising Popularity of Appliance Housing Arrays

Pairing multiple tall appliance housings has become a sought-after trend, allowing homeowners to create an ensemble of appliances for a striking visual impact.

With an extensive range of over 60 appliance housings available at Better Kitchens, personalising your kitchen to meet your unique needs has never been easier.

Flexibility in Design

Tall appliance housing is not restricted to hosting just one appliance. For instance, you could have a coffee machine and an oven within the same housing. Any gaps can be perfectly managed using filler panels, providing a sleek and uniformed look.

Top Tips

  • Measure Carefully: Always note the dimensions of your appliances before selecting a housing unit.

  • Consult the Pros: If you're uncertain, talk to Better Kitchens for expert guidance.

  • Plan Ahead: Consider your lifestyle and cooking habits to choose the ideal combination and placement of appliances.

Integrated Appliance Housing: The Seamless Option

Filler panels aren’t just about filling gaps; they contribute to a seamless flow between appliances. Cut to the correct size, these panels offer a refined look that elevates your kitchen’s overall appearance.

Oven Housings In Light Grey Kitchen

Make It Work for You

You can customise tall cabinets with various combinations of doors and drawers. Whether you’re after additional storage or a minimalist look, tall appliance housing units can accommodate your needs.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Kitchen with the Perfect Tall Appliance Housing

Modern kitchens are more than just cooking spaces; they're a blend of functionality, style, and technological innovation.

Choosing the right tall appliance housing is essential for bringing these elements together harmoniously.

By considering the dimensions, appliance types, and your own lifestyle, you can craft a kitchen that's not just efficient but also a reflection of your tastes and needs.

Better Kitchens is here to help you make that vision a reality with our extensive range of over 60 appliance housings.

Take the next step in realising your dream kitchen today.

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