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What do all the icons mean?

The better kitchens online planner uses icons for navigation the various parts of the planner, this allows for more screen space to plan you dream kitchen. Here's what all those icons mean...

Left Menu Icons

Main Menu

Click to open the main menu in the Elements Panel.

Account Details

View your planner account details.

Room Elements

This lets you configure your room size, decoration, shape, and add architecture features.

Furniture Products

Choose your kitchen style and add your kitchen cabinets and appliances using this icon.

Interior & Decor Elements

Add in decorative elements and interior design.

Project Structure

Display a list of all the elements in your Project. You can change the colours of furniture items in this section.

Project Info

Change your Project Info.


Change the graphic, lighting and other visual settings.


Some quick hints on using the planner.

New Project

Start a new kitchen plan.

Right Menu Icons

Sign In

Clicking here lets you sign in to the Planner. This should already be done or you.


Run the Planner in fullscreen mode for more screen space whilst designing your new kitchen.

Display Mode - 3D Graphic

3D graphic Display Mode is the default setting for our planner.

Display Mode - Outline

This is a useful feature that allows the toggling between 3D Display Mode and an Outline Mode, great for detailed plan checking.

Projection Mode - Perspective

By default the planner will open in Perspective Projection mode for the best 3D visual representation of your new kitchen.

Projection Mode - Orthography

You can change the view to Orthographic Projection for a top view of your plan, combine this with Outline Display Mode for a useful way to check the measurements of your items.

Animation Mode - Click to turn On

This feature allows you to view how any doors and drawers open, great for checking if any doors or drawers will collide with other features.

Animation Mode - Click to turn Off

Click this icon to turn OFF Animation Mode.

Camera Mode

This is an more advanced method of controlling the Display Modes.

Save Current Plan

Give your plan a project name and save for future use.

My Projects

View and load all of your saved plans.