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Our kitchens can cost less

We're extremely proud of our record of selling high quality kitchens for less than our competitors.
Here are some examples of our recent competitor Price Smashes!

UPDATE: Some suppliers have requested to not be included on this page...

Competitor: Rooster Trade Kitchens

Date: 26/08/22

Our customer came to us with a quote from a well known national Builder's Merchant for their full kitchen, priced at just over £8000. Our sales team jumped at the chance to offer a comparison.

Our equivalent kitchen range not only beat theirs for quality, but the entire order came in at just £4800. That's a saving of over £3000!

On this order Better Kitchens were 40% cheaper .

Competitor: Mag-Net Kitchens

Date: 07/07/22

Our customer wanted us to see if we could beat their quote from one of our larger competitors for a gorgeous Anthracite kitchen.

Never ones to shrink from a challenge, our team got down to work. The results were nothing short of stunning.

For a kitchen that was originally priced at £12186, we managed to get the price down to a ridiculously low £6000! A saving of over 50%!

On this order Better Kitchens were 50% cheaper .

Competitor: Just Do It Kitchens

Date: 16/01/22

Our customer came to us with a full kitchen quote for kitchen units, worktop, taps and a sink. The big Shed price? A whopping £7,900. And that was after their huge "discount"!

Our number-crunchers in the back room got down to work and knocked up a like-for-like quote from our range, which came in at a staggering £4,350! 

On this order Better Kitchens were 45% cheaper .

Competitor: Rooster Trade Kitchens

Date: 21/10/21

Our customer fell victim to their October sales pressure but wisely came in to the showroom with their £10,000 kitchen quote to see if we could beat it before they pulled the trigger. 

Luckily for them, we were able to strip a massive £3400 from the quote, giving them a 34% reduction! Their kitchen went from £10,060 down to just £6600!

On this order Better Kitchens were 34 % cheaper .

Competitor: Rooster Trade Kitchens

Date: 01/09/21

Here’s why we love what we do. A customer came to us this week with their High Street retailer quote in hand, asking us to price match. Never one to shrink from a challenge, we took a look and ran it through our system. 

The Customer’s original quote came to £13,210, a lot of which was appliances. We added everything together and came up with a direct like-for-like comparison that saved the customer a massive 23% off their originally quoted price.

All in, our total figure for the same kitchen came in at £10,200 - saving over £3000.

On this order Better Kitchens were 23 % cheaper .