website(1,) Bowood Fixed Size Corner Post Set - 715 x 60 x 60mm


Bowood Fixed Size Corner Post Set - 715 x 60 x 60mm

Bowood Fixed Size Corner Post Set - 715 x 60 x 60mm

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Fixed Size Corner posts are used to provide a door matching finish to any internal corner where 2 cabinets meet. An ‘L’ shape section that measures 60 x 60mm wide in door matching material is  available in many heights to suit many situations. 

Fixed Size corner posts DO NOT need to be cut to size onsite to suit the position of the kitchen units. This method means that the positioning of both the corner and the adjacent unit are crucial as the adjoining Fixed Size corner post should not be cut to size as this would leave an undesirable finish.

This Corner Post type is particularly suitable for Handleless kitchen styles as the handleless detail is continued through the corner post.

See our help pages for more details on corner unit measuring and installation.


Supplied as a 60 x 60mm ‘L’ shape corner post.

Colour matched to door finish.

Height options to suit most unit sizes. 

No fixings supplied.

Fitting Instructions

Once the Corner Unit and the adjacent unit are fixed in place, the corner post can then be fixed in place between the cabinets using appropriately sized screws from the inside of the kitchen units.

Special Notes

The blanking panel on the Corner Unit will normally need to be re-positioned to allow the Corner Post to sit inline with the doors. When a corner is installed correctly, the front face of the corner post should be inline with the front face of the cabinet doors. 

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