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Discover the Heat Behind the
"Hot & Spicy Zone"

by Better Kitchens, the UK's Most Affordable Quality

Dive deeper into the fiery fascination that inspired Better Kitchens' latest innovation, the "Hot & Spicy Zone." Our groundbreaking kitchen design isn't just a product of creative minds but is backed by intriguing data revealing how the nation loves to spice things up in the kitchen – in more ways than one.

Exclusive Insight Awaits You

We've looked at YouGov to bring you the sizzling statistics that sparked our imagination. Find out why 32% of males and 34% of females are turning up the heat in their culinary adventures, and why those aged 45-54 are leading the charge with a whopping 46% embracing their passion for flavour and fun.

Your Culinary Curiosity, Satisfied

  • Why is the kitchen becoming a hotspot for romance?
  • What does this mean for future kitchen designs?
  • How are cooking and romantic endeavours intertwined?

Get answers to these questions and more by downloading our exclusive YouGov poll results.

Download Now: The Spicy Statistics That Inspired a Kitchen Revolution

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Join us on a journey through the data that inspired a culinary innovation. The "Hot & Spicy Zone" is more than just a kitchen feature; it's a lifestyle choice backed by compelling evidence. See for yourself how the modern kitchen is evolving into a space for cooking, connection, and romance.