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3D Online Kitchen Planner

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Our new Online kitchen planner is in the beta testing phase and is currently not supported in Safari or any form of Incognito/Private browsing mode. If you use the planner in these browsers you will not be able to save and retrieve your plans.

Online kitchen planner

Plan your new kitchen in your own home or in our showroom DIY planning zone.

Easy to use

Our kitchen planner is easy to use and is a great way to check if everything's going to fit!

DIY & Save £££s

By planning and ordering your kitchen yourself you can save thousands of pounds.

News & Updates

14/02/2022: The following furniture items have now been added: Boiler housings, Pull out & Swing out larder units (no internal wire-work representation just yet), Larder Wall Units, Tall Wine Racks
Base Filler Panels are now available in reduced depths
T&G Base End Panels now display correctly
Cooker Hobs now available on more units. Please note: the hobs are switched off as default. Going to the Accessories/Hardware settings will allow you to turn them on, but other units dragged in afterwards that can have a hob on will have the hob showing. Simply turn it off for the new unit using the same check box and the new units added will not have the hob on by default. 
1200mm Horizontal Bifold wall units have been removed 
There is a small error on the adjust-ability of the Tall Larder Units with the lower door. Currently the bigger of the 2 doors adjusts to fit the height. It should be that the Small door adjusts. This means that, currently, the High and Low Heights have the door split in the wrong place and are visually incorrect.
10/2/2022: Standard corner wall units now have the correct planning dimensions and service voids
Dishwasher images are now the same depth as other base units
2/2/2022: Added 2+2 Drawer base unit, Curved Midi Unit, True Handleless Larder Units with 4 x Internal Drawers, True Handleless Bridging units, True Handleless Top box Units
28/01/2022: Many Wall Units and Tall Units now have adjustable height as well as adjustable width. This slims down the amount of units on the left panel making it easier to navigate.
Wall Units will turn red if a size combination is not available and a red message appears to let you know what is available.
13/12/2021: More Tall units added.
17/11/2021: Planner launched in beta testing phase
16/09/2021: The new Better Kitchens 3D online kitchen planner is in its final phase and we aim to launch as a beta version very soon.
14/09/2021: End Panels and Filler Panels are in testing phase.
10/09/2021: Worktop finishes added.

About our online kitchen planner

We've all tried to draw out room plans with a pen and paper, but some of us are just not artists! Sadly, if you want to properly design your own kitchen for a fitter to install, a decent plan is a must-have item.  Our team of internal planners use industry standard software to put together our plans, but these are not consumer friendly systems and cost a fortune.
With that in mind, we set about creating our own technology to allow our customers to plan their own kitchen. It's taken several years from conception to where we are now, but in that time we've added our entire range of units in a number of our most popular kitchen styles.
Having the ability to see your kitchen come to life enables you to make informed decisions and tweak your design so you get exactly what you want. Our kitchen planner is available to all registered users and will let you plan your kitchen using our entire range of available units, and eventually all kitchen styles and colours.
Once we've tested the system out and added in our entire range of kitchen styles, we plan to incorporate the ability to add your plan to your Better Kitchens basket, which will then calculate the total price for your plan. Once in your basket, the Smart System will kick in and work out what elements you might have missed, giving you total control over your finished order.
Click the link above to try it out, and be sure to let us know how you got on!

Beta 3D kitchen planner in action

The beta release of the 3D online kitchen  planner is scheduled for November 2021