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Our Team

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A better kitchen starts with
the best people...

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Ardene Stoneman
Managing Director

With a history in the bespoke joinery trade, Ardene started the company 10 years ago with a vision to change the way people buy kitchens. 

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Julian Stoneman
Sales Director

Driven by a passion to get the job done, Julian's knowledge of the company and dedication to customer satisfaction are undeniable.

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Matthew Williams
Sales Manager

A very experienced kitchen consultant with 15 years of kitchen industry knowledge, his keen eye for details ensures he consistantly impresses customers with his creativity.

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Neil Castle
Senior CAD Designer

With a skill in bringing ideas to life are what makes Neil a great CAD designer. Every kitchen we design get his seal of approval.

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Ben Green
Procurement & Production Manager

Overseeing the procurement and production of all the components for your kitchen is Ben's domain - he makes sure it gets there ontime!

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Adam Howarth
Head of Production 

Every Better Kitchen unit is machine made for accuracy and is hand finished by Adam's team to ensure the human touch is still retained on every single unit.

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Ernest Ejsmont
Head of Logistics

Getting a kitchen delivered in one go can be tricky at times!  Ernest and his team have it covered and deliver with a smile.

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Joanne (Jo)
Customer Service Team

Any questions ragarding products or deliveries are dealt with by our customer service team and they're always happy to help.